Siantar, who does not know the city?
Siantar is one of the few cities in North Sumatra administration is quite rapid in its development in various fields, both in the fields of education, social, cultural, economic to tourism.It is located in the district of Simalungun, which is the cool highland air. Siantar known as Lake Toba tourism gateway, the nickname given because this city is a city stopover tourists before traveling to Lake Toba.

Yes, although it is just a stopover city, but the city also has some interesting attractions you can visit. Attractions may not be as popular as the attraction of Lake Toba there, but it has its own exotica that is not less interesting as Lake Toba attractions just a few kilometers from the city.

Even the unique, although not as popular as Lake Toba attractions in the city but Siantar also attracted the attention of many tourists, especially tourists who will continue the journey to Lake Toba. Because that some attractions are located around the track Siantar – Lake Toba.Yes, talking about attractions in Siantar toward Lake Toba, there are some attractions that can be encountered. One such attraction is the Tea Garden Sidamanik.

Tea gardens Sidamanik, have you ever heard of this one attraction? For those of you who’ve been to Lake Toba precisely in the direction of Cape Camel, you must be familiar attraction to this one because it is located right in the path of the track between the city Siantar to Lake Toba.

Sidamanik Tea Garden is one of the attractions that are frequented by the public and tourists because it is fairly interesting, even Sidamanik Tea Garden has become one of alternative urban Siantar travel on holiday or leisure time.

Expanse of green tea gardens are indeed so attract anyone passing around the track, so there is rarely any rider who crosses the line first certainly took layover to enjoy the panorama or just take pictures ria in the middle of the plantation.

Tea Gardens Sidamanik itself a government-owned plantation PTPN IV – Medan, who ‘accidentally’ became a tourist attraction in North Sumatra. Whereas previously, the plantation is not at all tourist locations, but because eksotikanya a very beautiful and interesting especially tourist who always stop to this plantation area before proceeding, then the Tea Garden is open Sidamanik be one of the attractions in North Sumatra. Located in District Sidamanik, which is one of the highlands of North Sumatra, reportedly Sidamanik Tea Garden is the largest tea plantation in Sumatra, and even tea garden itself has been around since the Dutch colonial rule in Indonesia.

Thus, in its development, Sidamanik Tea Garden is included in the natural attractions that have a long history, especially when viewed in terms of its historical tea garden where previously it had also managed by the colonial Dutch before fully handed over to the Indonesian government to date under the agency government named PTPN IV.

Tea gardens Sidamanik, or commonly referred to as the Tea Garden Butong Bah this is one of the few tea plantation PTPN IV – Medan widespread in the highlands of North Sumatra, one of which is contained within this Sidamanik district. According to information, Sidamanik Tea Garden will be crowned as one of the symbol of tourism in addition to Lake Toba in North Sumatra, because almost every year the number of tourists visiting the plantations is increasing.Yes, the plantation area is so vast that when we stand in the midst of these plantations as far as the eye could see only the green expanse of tea plantations look like rugs on the horizon that emit aromas of tea leaves.

Moreover, the air around it that looks very cool, making Sidamanik Tea Garden has become one of the natural attractions to North Sumatra.Tea plantation is located on land that has a hilly contour with boundaries certain areas intentionally left blank, so that tourists can easily browse through the plantation.

In some areas, it appears that some farmers picking tea leaves. Usually these farmers have arrived at the plantation since the morning.In fact, the farmers also did not hesitate when there are tourists who want to know how the tea garden to the tea buds sort of quality.

How do you interested to visit the Tea Garden Sidamanik?
If you want to visit this plantation, you can travel from city Siantar towards Sub Sidamanik, with a journey time of about 45 minutes to 1 hour.You can use public transport or private vehicles, both two-wheeler or four-wheeled vehicles with lane highway Sidamanik district. Even those lines had already had a very good infrastructure.

if you want to visit tourist areas Kebun Teh Sidamanik, you should not hesitate a hotel that is close to the Kebun Teh Sidamanik. The following list of names we inform the hotel that you can make a place to stay overnight.

Grand Angkasa International Hotel Medan
Jalan Sutomo No. 1, Medan, Sumatera Utara
Grand Sakura Hotel
Jalan Prof. H.M. Yamin SH No. 41, Medan Timur, Medan
Asean International Hotel
Jalan H. Adam Malik No. 5, Medan, Sumatera Utara