When someone visiting North Sumatra, they must be the premier tourist destination of Lake Toba. Sipiso-piso waterfall was located on the shores of Lake Toba, unfortunately, a very interesting attraction is less visited by tourists because of its location on the edge of town Parapat different, where tourists usually visit.

Sipiso-piso located north of Lake Toba, about 24 kilometers from Kabanjahe. This waterfall is the highest in Indonesia with an altitude of 120 meters. Sipiso-piso waterfall made from an underground river in the Karo plateau that runs through a cave in the side of the crater of Lake Toba.

From the perspective substation built by the government in this Brand visitors can not only enjoy the scenic waterfall, but also Lake Toba.Air Sipiso-piso waterfall is about 800 meters above sea level.Waterfall flowing down slicing green hills covered with pine trees. Sipiso-piso itself literally means “knife.” Not only can you see the waterfall from a distance, but fell for him.

The stairs are steep and far enough away so make sure you have a strong stamina and bring drinking water supplies. The fall may not be a problem, but to climb back up hundreds of stairs after playing water below would be quite tiring.

Viewing post itself is quite extensive, and when it was visited by many locals. Unfortunately, this view of the substation infrastructure inadequate. There are only basic facilities such as toilets and stalls, which in my number and inadequate hygiene. Visitors who want to explore this area further should stay in the nearby village, which Tongging.

Tongging located on the shores of Lake Toba, in the north. In Tongging you can do a variety of activities, such as swimming in the lake, do trekking in the jungle, or visit a small waterfall called Sidompak. You can go up to Mount Sipiso-piso, and did paragliding from the summit.

Besides swimming, you can also take a boat hired from local fishermen to get around the lake. Cycling from one village to another is also a fun activity to see the daily life of the Karo. For you fans of ethnic fabrics, you can go to the village Silalahi in cockfighting, Dairi. The village is located about 11 km from Tongging.

Tongging villagers are mostly fishermen and farmers. They farmed rice and onions as well as fishing in the lake Toba. Arsik carp fish and red value is commonly farmed fish species in Lake Toba. You must try the traditional dish of fish with herbs

Several accommodation options in Tongging include Sibayak Pensions, Pensions parultop, and Roman Sinasi Bungalows, which are all on Jalan Silalahi, Tongging. Travelling here is perfect for backpackers on a budget because the accommodation was cheap.

if you want to visit tourist areas Air Terjun Si Piso-piso, you should not hesitate a hotel that is close to the Air Terjun Si Piso-piso. The following list of names we inform the hotel that you can make a place to stay overnight.

Grand Angkasa International Hotel Medan
Jalan Sutomo No. 1, Medan, Sumatera Utara
Grand Sakura Hotel
Jalan Prof. H.M. Yamin SH No. 41, Medan Timur, Medan
Asean International Hotel
Jalan H. Adam Malik No. 5, Medan, Sumatera Utara