Origin and History of Samosir Island – the island of Samosir is believed to be the origin of the Batak. Because, on this island exactly in Pusuk Buhit Sianjur Mulamula District is home of the Batak. Pusuk Buhit a hill with a height of over 1,800 feet above the surface of Lake Toba. Hills is believed to be the universe or “Mulajadi Nabolon” (God Almighty) appeared. In this district there Sianjur village which was the first settlement Batak society.

The village is located in the foothills of Pusuk Buhit. In this village there is a cultural heritage in the form of miniature Si Raja Batak house. For information, the title Raja Batak is not because of the position as king and has a local government, but rather to honor the ancestors descendants Batak Batak tribe. Information circulated calling, Raja Batak came from Thailand through Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra to arrive at Sianjurmulamula. Other information call Raja Batak came from India through the area Gayo Alas Barus or to get to Lake Toba.

In the township Sianjurmulamula, there semitradisional Batak houses, which are houses on stilts made of wood, without nails, fitted appliances, and a tin roof. Original Batak house roof of palm fiber. In the village there is a stone type Hobon. This stone is a stone coffin made by the descendants of Raja Batak, Saribu a blacksmith king hundreds of years ago. In the stone coffin was stored wealth Saribu King, the local people today no one managed to open the lid.

At the top there Hobon Stone Master Tatea Months Sopo was built in 1995 by the Central Board Punguan Pomparan Master Tatea Month. The building is located at Bukit Sulatti (under Pusuk Buhit), and in the building there is a statue of the King of Batak descent below the statue of the King of Batak number of vehicles and bodyguards. Vehicles that include dragons, elephants, lions, tigers and horses. Traces of history in Batak it is often forgotten by the government.

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