Natural attractions of Lake Toba in North Sumatra province Simalungun District, the travel time from the city of field about 4 hours by road. Lake Toba is a volcanic lake which is actually the largest volcanic crater in the world, with an island in the middle of the island called Samosir.
Lake Toba has an area of ​​1707 square miles or more than twice the size of Singapore, is formed from the eruption of an ancient volcano, according to several studies when the climate is changing the world and bringing the world into an ice age. Giant eruption nearly destroyed the people of this world. Relics can still be seen the eruption of the caldera in the world today is filled with water to Lake Toba. Samosir is the caldera of the island that is not submerged in water, is located in the middle of Lake Toba Batak and cultural center.Lake Toba is one of the popular tourist destination in Indonesia, this place is not too crowded and far from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it suitable for those who want to relax ..

What can you see in Samosir? Starting from the lake shore, hot water bath, until an old village with traditional Batak are hereditary. Not to mention the culinary audience that can be addictive. The cool weather was alone makes travelers feel at home in Samosir.The trip to Samosir usually through Medan. Yes, the entrance to the plane can only go through Polonia Airport. After that, the trip must be taken by road about 4 to 5 hours. Interest in travel to Samosir? These travel tips Samosir.Transportation. Journey from Medan to Samosir can rent a car. Car hire easily found in the city of Medan. Prices range from Rp 350,000 is included drivers, but not with gasoline.Another option is to take a taxi. Taxis in question is a Medan-car travel department Samosir. You can take a Taxi Merpati Medan, Merpati Pangururan Taxi and Taxi Samosir Beautiful Pangururan. Prices one-way start at only Rp 65,000.Arriving on the island of Samosir, you can rent a bicycle or motorcycle to get around the island. Motorcycle rental price per day starting from Rp 40,000. You can search for rental and motor sepada Tuktuk area.

Exciting as well if you surround the island of Samosir. There is only one main road around the island of Samosir shape, it was located close to Lake Toba pulled over. Another way to be able to ride around Bentor or motor tricycles.Access to Samosir. There are four access can be selected for the journey to Samosir. Three access by crossing Lake Toba, the access by road. The most famous of course entry Samosir, through the Port Ajibata in Prapat to the Port Tomok in Samosir.Through access Ajibata-Tomok should by ferry. On weekends and holiday season, you have to be patient waiting for their turn to ride the ferry. Sometimes the wait is long hours. Ticket prices for the ferry itself is a four-wheel car is Rp 91,500, inclusive of passengers on board.Travel across Lake Toba is separate so exciting. Views of the lake and green hills. So do not just sit in the car. Come out and enjoy the fresh air of Lake Toba.Other access is Simanindo-Tigaras. Ports Simanindo in Samosir, while Tigaras are Simalungun. Ferry ticket prices for four-wheel drive cars through the port of Rp 95,000. Similarly Ajibata-Tomok, ferries are available every day.The next access to the estuary Nainggolan in Samosir, North Tapanuli. Ferry ticket prices costing Rp 99,000 not including insurance, for a four-wheel car. Only, ferries are available three times a week, namely Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Well, the most interesting is access by land. Samosir Island is actually connected to the mainland of North Sumatra. A Dutch-made bridge to connecting.This land routes going through Jalan Tele. Tele road connects Samosir regency Hasundutan Humbang. Terrain of the road winding and steep inclined. Despite this, and a good asphalt road. Keep in mind, the road is only about three feet wide. So riders need extra attention when driving.Troubles will pay off with a beautiful view. Getting up to the top, the driver can see the panorama of Lake Toba from a height. Even Mount Pusuk Buhit, mountain Batak people is clear. Do not forget to stop at the Tower of view Tele.Lodge. Very easy to find hotels in Samosir. Specialty models Tuktuk resorts sprout up like mushrooms in the area. From Port Tomok Tuktuk only about a half hour road trip. Unfortunately hotels in Samosir seems focused only on the Tuktuk Siadong.Tuktuk peninsula shaped district and overlooking Lake Toba. Lodging resort can be found also in the Pangururan, capital Samosir. While the small hotels there are in the area Ambarita, District Simanindo. Prices for the relative range from Rp 50,000.

Culinary. Food stalls in Samosir very much and are easy to find. Samosir local specialty foods you might try like noodles and fish gomak arsik. However, please be careful when choosing food. Most of the food is not halal typical Batak. Want to find safe, eat it in the inn or select the stalls labeled “halal”.

Tourist attraction. Samosir regency consists of 9 districts. Each district has its own tourist attraction. Focus on Samosir tour around nature and cultural tourism.Lovers of cultural and historical tour can visit the Tomb of King Sidabutar, Stone Parsidangan and Museum Huta Bolon. You can get to know more about the Batak culture in an old village on Samosir. It could also watch the show on Tomok Sigale-gale.While nature, can descend to Stone Marhosa, Marlakkop Goa, Coastal Ambarita, Aek Natonang, White Sand Beach, to heat the water bath near the town Pangururan. This is just some of the attractions, real Samosir has many attractions that deserve to be explored.

Time to visit. Instead, spend a minimum of four days to really explore the whole Samosir regency. To gain more experience, come and go through different access. For example, come through the Port Tomok and go through Jalan Tele.Because Sumatra Samosir is already leaning in western Indonesia, sunset longer in Samosir. Sunset at around 18:30 pm. Neither the sunrise, which is usually much longer than other parts of western Indonesia time zone.

if you want to visit tourist areas Danau Toba, you should not hesitate a hotel that is close to the Danau Toba. The following list of names we inform the hotel that you can make a place to stay overnight.

Inna Parapat Hotel
Jl. Marihat No. 1, Lake Toba, Parapat 21174
North Sumatera, Indonesia
Parapat View Hotel
Jl Sidaha Pintu 7,,Girsang Sipanganbolon
Toba Hotel
Jl Pulau Samosir 8 PARAPAT
Tarabunga Sibigo Hotel
Jl Sibigo 2,,Girsang Sipanganbolon