Pura Besakih is a worship place of Hindu religion in Bali and in the temple is not only there is a temple, but many temples. Because there are so many temples in the region, the Pura Besakih in Bali is the largest temple in Indonesia. Pura Besakih Bali is also often referred to by the name Pura Agung Besakih. What there is in the village of Besakih Pura Besakih, District Rendang, Karangasem regency, Bali. Pura Besakih Pura Baliterdiri from 1 center Penataran named Agung Besakih temple and there are 18 companion who clustered around Pura Agung Besakih upgrading. 1 piece Pura Pura Basukian and 17 others. If you’ve ever seen pictures of this temple you will see numerous stairs and there is a huge gate, the gate is the entrance to the center Penataran Agung Besakih.

Pura Besakih in Bali is the center of religious activity for Hindus and Penataran Bali Agung is Pura Besakih temple is the largest in the region. Pura Agung Besakih Penataran most have a place or a building to worship the Balinese call Pelinggih name and is the center of the temple.

Pura Besakih, the biggest temple in Bali Hindu Religious

History Pura Besakih.

Pura Agung Besakih in Bali has been known to macanegara, so many foreign or domestic tourist who traveled to this place. Because of the large temple, Pura Agung Besakih got the name as the mother of temples in Bali. You must ask who built this temple for the first time? Initially I did not know, but after reading a history book about the Temple in Bali then I know the answer. Builders Besakih Temple is a Hindu religious leader from India who have long settled in the island of Java, his name is sage Markandeya.

If now you see a magnificent temple building, formerly the location of the temple is a jungle. Surely you can imagine the ancient wilderness, surely there will be many animals. Sorry to digress a little bit. It is said that it was not there when his Bali straits as it is now, because the island of Java and the island of Bali is still the one and not separated by an ocean. Because so long island we now call as the islands of Java and Bali, the island is named after the island of Dawa, which means long island.

Early mulanyan Markandeya Rsi imprisoned founder of this temple on Mount Hyang (Mount Dieng in Central Java). After a long ascetic Markandeya Rsi a revelation to crush Dawa forest on the island from the south to the north. Place perambasan woods, sage Markandeya pitcher plant that contains metal and holy water. Metals include metallic gold, metallic silver, copper, ferrous and metallic bronze. All five of these metals in the community called mama Pancadatu Bali. Besides metals also participated grown gem called ruby ​​Mirahadi primary meaning. Place planting pitcher is called by the name which means Basuki survived. Basuki or given name survived because of the forest perambasan the followers of the sage Markandeya safely perform their duties. With time berjalanyan Basuki name changed to Besakih.

The beauty of this temple will be able to direct you to enjoy if you come to this temple to facilitate you get the idea what kind of temple, then you can see below.

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