Bedugul lake located at an altitude of about 1239 meters land above sea level and there is a temple on the lake named Ulun Bedugul lake Beratan. The uniqueness is what makes domestic and foreign tourists who come to visit very impressed. They not only do historical tours, but also can enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Bedugul Lake of the tourists will be greeted by colorful flowers, lush pine trees and green grass.

Ulun Lake Beratan, building puranya very distinctive characteristic of Bali, the building has a terraced roof, roof tower with 11 levels, 7 levels and 3 levels. The tower menyimbulkan belief of Hindus in Bali to three deities, namely Lord Vishnu (11 levels), Brahma (7 levels) and Lord Shiva (3 levels).

Bedugul lake Beratan also called lake has depths up to 23 meters. Usually tourists rent a traditional boat or motor boat to circumnavigate the lake in order to enjoy the lake view from close range. For those who like a challenge, you can try water sports in Bali. As paraseling, banana boat, jet ski and certainly not at Lake Bedugul but in Tanjung Benoa. But for those who do not like water sports, fishing activity to be a very appropriate choice while enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air at the edge of the lake.

Tourism in Bali is also through Bedugul Botanical Garden is famous for its wide range of tempting fruit crops. Location approximately 300 meters from the lake Beratan Bedugul.

Access munuju Ulun Beratan is very easy, because it is located on the edge of the highway connecting the district of Tabanan regency in Singaraja. Precisely in the area of ​​Bedugul, Village Candikuning, Baturiti Tabanan regency. The distance from the city of Denpasar city about 55 miles, or about 1 hour drive.

This resort is equipped with adequate parking facilities, restrooms, and a playground for children. Small shops and restaurants with an interesting menu also near this region. For tourists who want to linger, can chose according to the contents of the bag. It is suitable if the holiday to Bali with friends and family.

if you want to visit tourist areas bedugul, you should not hesitate a hotel that is close to the bedugul. The following list of names we inform the hotel that you can make a place to stay overnight.

Bali Rich Luxury Villa & Spa  
Jl. Raya Kedewatan, Br. Tanggayuda, Kedewatan, Ubud, Bali, Ubud
Anini Raka Resort and Spa Ubud  
Jl, Campuhan Sanggingan, Ubud
The Sunti Ubud Resort & Villa  
Jalan Raya pengosekan Ubud Gianyar, Ubud