Aek Sijornih Waterfalls consists of two mini waterfalls. In contrast to the generally high waterfall slender, upright, two waterfalls are located on terrain slope / slant on the ground with chalk content. Water is poured too wide to the left and right, is stratified. Aek Sijornih means clear water. In the rainy season or dry season, the waterfall is always always clear.

In the first waterfall flow (left) allowed to flow in the form of small trenches. While those on the right (greater flow) accommodated in artificial pools for bathing. The pools are divided. Some are large, some small. The small one is made with a depth of half a meter to the children, while large with more than one meter depth for adults. From the adult pool, visitors can climb to the top trace the flow of streams and can select a convenient place.

The second source comes from the waterfall fountain hills surrounding district and Stem Vegetables Angkola Matinggi. That said, in the rainy season, water containing lime in the hills was never cloudy. Being the dry season, the bulk water actually increased.

Located in the village of Aek Libung, District Vegetable Matinggi, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra Province.

Located about 35 km south-east of Padang Sidempuan. Can be reached by public transportation such as tricycles motorcycles, public transportation, bus and mini bus trajectory Sumatran east for approximately one hour from the city Padangsidempuan.

Tickets and Parking
Entrance fee is Rp 5000/orang.

Facilities and Accommodation
Facilities available include a prayer room, toilets, changing rooms and a few shacks or huts for resting visitors can be found in the area. At the bottom of the huts, there are small pools containing some fish were intentionally put there. According to the owner, but can rest in the hut, visitors can order fried fish at once. Also several snacks available around the pool.

There is a wooden bridge path is only about half a meter, transverse splitting Angkola Batang (River Angkola) and take you to court broad pedestrianized dozens of palm trees.

if you want to visit tourist areas Aek Sijornih, you should not hesitate a hotel that is close to the Aek Sijornih. The following list of names we inform the hotel that you can make a place to stay overnight.

Asean International Hotel
Rating : 3.4 Stars
Jl H Adam Malik No 5 , Medan, North Sumatra 20114 Indonesia
Grand Swiss-Belhotel Medan
Rating : 4.5 Stars
Jalan S. Parman 217 , Medan, North Sumatra 20152 Indonesia
Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention – Medan
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Jalan Kapten Maulana Lubis no. 7 , Medan, North Sumatra 20112 Indonesia.
Hotel Aryaduta Medan
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Jl. Kapten Maulana No. 8 , Medan, North Sumatra 20112 Indonesia
JW Marriott Hotel Medan
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Jalan Putri Hijau No. 10 , Medan, North Sumatra Indonesia
Grand Aston City Hall Hotel
 Jl Balai Kota No 1 , Medan, North Sumatra 20112 Indonesia
Grand Sakura Hotel, Medan
Rating: 3.0 Stars
Jl Prof Hm Yamin Sh No 41 , Medan, North Sumatra 20234 Indonesia.
Soechi International Medan
Rating: 2.5 Stars
76a, Jalan Cirebon Medan , Medan, North Sumatra Indonesia
Hotel Citi International SunYatSen
Rating: 3.0 Stars
Jl. Sunyatsen No.77 , Medan, North Sumatra 20214 Indonesia